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Gem City Music Studio is an in-home classroom conveniently located at 2100 E David Rd in Kettering. The studio is on the corner of E David Rd and Hastings Dr and is around the corner from Bigger Rd and Wilmington Pike. On-site parking is available via the driveway located on Hastings Dr. 


The studio is outfitted with an acoustic piano, various percussion instruments, sound system and video set up for Skype lessons. Large windows allow for natural lighting and with wall-to-wall carpeting, you won't have to sit on a cold floor. The carpeting reduces the echo in the room and that combined with the natural lighting creates a relaxed, comfortable environment that eases the possible stresses to children especially those with sensory sensitivity and children are better able to focus on the activities.


Chairs in the classroom provide a place for parents to observe when not participating in Preschool Junior Jamboree activities and allows parents to comfortably observe their child's private lessons (if they choose to). Observation is a wonderful opportunity for parents and caregivers to be involved and support their child's musical journey.

If you would like to visit the studio prior to registering for a program, please schedule a free demo class or free introductory private lesson.

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