Music For Everyone 


Private Lessons


Individual private lessons are offered for the following instruments:

Voice - (ages 9 - adult) ***NEW***

Piano - Beginning and Intermediate (ages 5-adult)

Guitar (ages 9 - adult)

Ukulele (ages 9 - adult)

Violin (ages 4 - adult) ***NEW***

Viola (ages 9 - adult) ***NEW***

Cello (ages 9 - adult) ***NEW***

Flute (ages 9 - adult)

Clarinet (ages 9 - adult)

Saxophone (ages 9 - adult)

Trumpet (ages 9 - adult)

Trombone (ages 9 - adult)

Euphonium (ages 9 - adult)

Tuba (ages 9 - adult)

Private lessons are 30, 45, or 60 minutes long. If you are unable to meet in person for lessons and have some prior experience, ask about online video lessons. Please see the registration tab to sign up for a free introductory lesson. Please contact us if you need a time slot that is not available, and we will do our best to accommodate. 

30 minute lesson: $92 per student/month

45 minute lesson: $138 per student/month

60 minute lesson: $184 per student/month

*Please note: ages listed above are what we typically recommend, however, we evaluate each student based on their needs and abilities in order to place them into the program that is most appropriate for them regardless of age.

Private lessons are now being offered both in-person and online. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we are no longer requiring masks, but please wear one if you are more comfortable.

Junior Jamboree Classes


Junior Jamboree - Instructor: Rebecca James

For ages 2-5 and their grownup

Join us for Junior Jamboree and experience music through the eyes of your child. You and your child will explore music through song, games, movement, and instrument exploration that are designed to strengthen cognitive development, motor skills, and social skills through play-based curriculum. Students enrolled in Junior Jamboree will read music through song scores and will follow a curriculum that will prepare them for state music education standards upon entering Kindergarten. This program utilizes the SongWorks teaching methodology. Junior Jamboree require a grownup to attend with their child.

2022 Junior Jamboree Sessions

Each session time will meet once a week for 12 weeks. Classes will not be held November 24th due to Thanksgiving.

Thursday: Junior Jamboree @ 5:00 PM

Sept 15 - Dec 8

Friday: Junior Jamboree @ 10:00 AM

Sept 16 - Dec 9

Session Fees: $160

Performance Groups


GCMS Junior Singers

GCMS Junior Singers - Director: Kathy Cooney

For Grades 1-6

GCMS Junior Singers is a youth chorus for students who love to sing! Singers will learn to sing in parts as well as learn good vocal habits appropriate for their age, such as breathing and articulation. In addition, singers will develop listening skills for blending voices, learn and/or improve music reading skills, gain confidence, learn new repertoire, and be exposed to a variety of musical genres. During each rehearsal, students will split into age appropriate smaller groups and will end each rehearsal as a whole so that students will be learning at a developmentally appropriate pace, but will also learn what it is like to be in a performing ensemble. The Junior Singers will have a concert at the end of the session. This is a great experience for young singers!

GCMS Junior Singers will meet once a week for 50 minutes.

GCMS Junior Singers Spring Session

Rehearsals will not be held on November 24th due to Thanksgiving.

*Session dates have changed! New dates are listed below

Session Dates: Sept 9 - Dec 9 on Fridays @ 5:30 PM*

Session Fees: $200

Students will also receive a t-shirt that is included in the session fees and will be used as the performance uniform.

African Drumming

African Drumming Sessions

This fall, African Drumming will meet once a week for 12 weeks. Classes will not be held November 24th due to Thanksgiving.

Session Dates: Meets every other Saturday @ 10:00AM on Sept 10 & 24, Oct 8 & 22, Nov 5 & 19, Dec. 3

Session Fees: $105

African Drumming - Instructor: Rebecca James

Grades 3-12

Explore how music and rhythm are used as a language in cultures around the globe and discover how world music has influenced today's pop music. In this course you will learn how to read and write music using world notation systems, compose your own music, and perform on world instruments. Students will perform their compositions as an ensemble at the end of the session.

World Drumming is a 45-minute class that is unique to Gem City Music Studio.

Maximum enrollment of 10 students per session time.